It is generally agreed upon by Doors purists that Oliver Stone's movie was
not a true representation of Jim Morrison and The Doors. While the movie
had some great music in it and the actors did a fine job, (particularly Val
Kilmer as Jim) it seems that Stone took some liberties with the film.
The film only shows the dark, self-destructive side of Jim. He is portrayed
as an out-of-control, abusive drunk. Certainly that was a part of his persona.
But there was much much more to the man as any true Doors fan can tell you.
And Stone for whatever reason chose not to explore the poetic and intellectual
side of Jim. At least not to any great extent. Unfortunately, the movie has
only reinforced the idea among the general populace that Jim Morrison was
nothing but an obnoxious, pathetic rock-and-roll singing alcoholic.
Ray Manzarek has gone on record as saying that several scenes in the movie
never took place. Scenes like the turkey dinner, the closet fire and the
song `Light My Fire' being used in a commercial. Those of you have seen the
movie know which scenes these are, those of you who have yet to see the movie,
keep these scenes in mind.
This writer would recommend that you see the movie for the music and Val 
Kilmer's portrayal of Jim. But, for someone who wants to learn more about
The Doors and the `real' Jim Morrison, please read some of the books
mentioned above and get your hands on some of the official video releases.